Our Purpose

Our Business Is Making You Shine

The mission of Opportunities Unlimited of Erie is to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities and support them in achieving their goals through career training such as job searching, application and resume building, interview training, and more.

We believe every individual has the potential to lead a productive and successful life and that the human spirit thrives in environments that are respectful, accessible, and inclusive in the general workforce.

How we started and where we are today

Opportunities Unlimited of Erie (OU) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation formed in July of 2006 by the board of Stairways Behavioral Health in order to provide job training and employment opportunities for people with mental illness. OU of Erie provides job training services and employment opportunities to any person with a disabling condition.

Today, Opportunities Unlimited of Erie is now under new management and is a sister company of Grapevine Laundry and Linens. OU’s overall goal is to assist those individuals who participate in the Occupational and Vocational Rehabilitation program  (OVR) program to match each individual and their skills set, with each potential employer’s specific need to fulfill everyone’s greatest expectations.

Opportunities Unlimited Board Members

The New Opportunities Unlimited Board was chosen carefully and exhibits the following: leadership, organizational mission, conscientious recruitment of new board members, attention to policy and planning, participation in fundraising, maintaining a professionally and demographically diverse board, effective governance practices, and responsible fiscal management.

Board Members

  • Julie Becker

  • Elizabeth Edwards

  • Mary K Hoffman

  • Laurie Rogan

  • Patricia Kennedy

  • Mary Ellen Lieb

  • W. Russell McDaid

  • Antonio Howard

  • Callie Arney

Donor Opportunities

Opportunities Unlimited is only able to keep our job training and employment services open with the support of the community. By donating, you’re becoming a partner in our mission to restore hope to Erie individuals and families. By your donations we can help place more individuals into jobs in our community.