Stephanie F.

I am a client of Stairways who suffers from anxiety and depression. Before being hired at Opportunities Unlimited, I used to operate an in-home daycare center. But, as time went on, the kids got older and went on to school. So I soon found myself out of a job and with very little experience in the workforce. This led to more depression.

At the time there were a lot of changes going on at the clinic and I had to switch therapists. My previous therapist contacted me and offered me an opportunity to come and work for Opportunities Unlimited, a company that hired people with disabilities.

When I was called for the first interview, I was so nervous and anxious because of not having any experience. After that, I got a second call and that changed my life and gave me a new beginning. I was placed in the tender care of a man who began to train me and who was very supportive. He trained me about the ins and out of the job. I also received support from the entire staff, especially when I had computer trouble. I also felt I had support.

My first position was that of scheduling, making sure all of our contracts were being adequately staffed. As time has gone by I have learned many aspects of the business. I have learned about the different chemicals we use for cleaning, ordering products, how to clean more effectively, working with and managing staff, how to manage staff with disabilities and how to make the hiring process easier.

Now I have been here for a total of 4 year and I am the Custodial Manager. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow. I want to see this organization experience growth as well.

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